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Rea Garvey x Picture This 
“Somewhere Close To Heaven”
VÖ: 15.03.2024

Your roots as a person are the foundation for all that life makes possible. Knowing and understanding where you come from means being able to step out into the world with confidence and a free heart. Rea Garvey’s roots are in Ireland. It’s a connection the adoptive Berliner has never turned his back on – quite the opposite. The Irish blood flowing through his veins comes through in everything he does. Just like on his new single “Somewhere Close To Heaven” – a collaboration with Picture This, a band who also hail from Ireland. The third single from album “HALO”, slated for release this autumn, is out on 15.03.2024 and is a heartfelt declaration of love to their shared homeland.
“I’ve had my eye on Picture This from day one, and became an even bigger fan after they toured Germany with me. I really wanted to work with them,” explains Rea Garvey. In January 2023, they finally found themselves in Berlin at the same time and managed to make it to the studio together. “‘Somewhere Close To Heaven is the first song we wrote,” adds Ryan Hennessy, singer and songwriter with Picture This. “It was a very organic, natural process and we both realised pretty quickly that we spoke the same language when it came to music. We wanted to write a song that felt like home, for both us and the listener. I think we have actually managed to do that.”

The lyrics of “Somewhere Close To Heaven” resound with melancholy and longing for home – a bittersweet pain, knowing that one day you’ll be there again. “We love singing, dancing, celebrating life – it brings us home again immediately, even if only in our hearts and minds,” Garvey says.

“Somewhere Close To Heaven” is also an homage to music itself, something which is of huge significance in the lives of both Rea Garvey and the guys from Picture This. “I have to love what I do – that’s the ultimate freedom of a musician. We only left the studio when we were blown away by the result. Ryan Hennessy is one of the best lyricists I’ve heard in a long time, with a richness of melody that I find deeply impressive,” Rea Garvey says in appreciation of his fellow countryman. 

“Somewhere Close To Heaven” is a snapshot that can be set as a blueprint for a whole lifetime. It’s an eternally warm, sustaining attitude to life, one that is constantly fed by the roots of home and wants to be lived. “This song is Irish through and through, it’s a good feeling, it’s how I feel – how I want to feel,” concludes Rea Garvey, inviting the listener to reflect on their own roots.

From 21 April, you can catch Rea Garvey live – along with special guests Picture This – as part of his big HALO Arena Tour 2024 across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

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21 APR 2024 MUNICH | Olympiahalle
25 APR 2024 FRANKFURT | Festhalle
27 APR 2024 BERLIN | Mercedes Benz Arena
29 APR 2024 HAMBURG | Barclays Arena
01 MAY 2024 ZURICH CH | The Hall
02 MAY 2024 STUTTGART | Porsche Arena
04 MAY 2024 VIENNA AT | Wiener Stadthalle

With tens of millions of albums sold worldwide, almost a billion streams, countless awards and honours (Echo, 1Live Krone, Bambi, etc.), numerous sold-out tours and weeks of TOP chart positions, Rea Garvey has become one of the most successful and popular artists in Germany with a wide range of musical projects and high-profile collaborations. Due in no small part to his TV appearances as one of the regular coaches on “The Voice of Germany” and “The Masked Singer”, he is now a firm favourite with audiences. For his own streaming format “The YellowJacketSession”, he invited famous fellow artists such as Stefanie Heinzmann, Max Giesinger, Michael Patrick Kelly, Faye Montana, Sido, Samu Haber and Johannes Oerding to perform live with him. Apart from his musical work, the adopted Berliner is also a committed supporter of charity projects such as the UNHIDE project through his own foundation “Saving an Angel” (info). 

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From underdog to superstar – thanks to their talent for captivating songwriting, and of course their rousing, energetic performances, Picture This have over the course of three albums become a renowned and celebrated band. Their impressive success story began with their self-released debut album (triple platinum) in 2017, a self-titled album that topped both the Irish album and streaming charts for weeks. Each of their follow-up albums have also topped the charts, giving the Irish band more than 450 million streams to date, sold-out stadiums, headlining shows at popular festivals and a completely sold-out European tour in spring 2023. Their new 15-song longplayer “Parked Car Conversations” will be released in April this year. 

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